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Syncing with iTunes

All of your return visits are available on the computer after syncing with iTunes.

Launch iTunes and connect your iPod/iPhone. Select the iPhone/iPod to sync with.

The following pane will appear. Select the "Info" tab.
Each user created in FieldService has a correspondng contact group called "Return Visits [username]". In the example, two users are defined, Jeff, and Jane Doe.
There are two corresponding groups, "Return Visits Jeff", and "Return Visits Jane Doe".

Choose in the "Contacts" section of the pane where to sync the contacts.  Here I choose to sync the contacts to Apple's Address Book. Other choices are the yahoo address book and Google contacts.

For more instructions, please see Apple's knowledgebase article:

To troubleshoot contact syncing with Windows using USB, please see this article:

To troubleshoot contact syncing with Windows using Microsoft Outlook, please see this article:

Many users have experienced problems with windows syncing.  Syncing with "Windows Adress Book" does not work properly. It doesn't appear to support groups.  Windows Address Book has a tendency to DELETE ALL OF YOUR CALLS!

Others have had problems with Google Sync Exchange Server. This service is still in beta, use it at your own risk!  Some have experienced all of their contacts being lost.  This service does not appear to sync date labels (yet).  Field Service Assistant creates contact dates with two unique labels, "Last Visit", and "Last Study".  Google's exchange server appears to delete these labels, and after syncing they appear as "anniversary".  Field Service Assistant does not work properly with the wrong date labels.  It will not correctly autocount your placements with the wrong date labels.

It appears that syncing via Outlook works okay for some users...

Contacts will be accesable to on the computer once the iPhone/iPod has been synced.
Contacts can be changed, and new contacts can be added.  All changes or additions will appear on the iPhone/iPod once the device has been re-synced in iTunes.

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