Field Service Assistant

Adding an Extra Report Field

Launch the settings application

Select FieldService settngs

Enter what you would like to record. Examples are Tracts, QuickBuild Hours, HLC Hours, PVG Hours, or Miles Driven in service.

The column format field allows you to choose a whole number (integer), or floating point with 1 or two decimal places. You don't place half of a tract, so interger is appropriate.

Quickbuild hours can be entered in fractions of an hour, so, a decimal with two places would work.

Odometers count tenths of a mile, one decimal place is appropriate for miles.

What has been entered now appears as a time entry field. In this example, the "Tracts" field appears.

The "Record Activity" button can be pressed if the quickbuild hours or the "Hours" field have been entered.


What has been entered can be used as a placment category. Whatever is placed with this category will be automatically counted in the service activty view.


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