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Editing Return Visit

There is an easy way to do things, and a hard way. Both are possible with FieldService. A note can be edited by hand, or automated tools can be used.

Select the "Return Visits" view, and select a return visit.

(optional) Notes can be edited by touching them. Editing a note directly is useful for correcing mistakes, or adding personal notes. Editing a note does not change the visit date. Offers typed in manually will not be automatically counted.


Pressing "Add visit to note" will change the last visit date which calls are sorted by in the "Return Visits" list.

After touching "Add visit to note", choose what was placed. Multiple selections are okay.

Placements will automatically be counted. Any visit that is recorded as a study will be automatically counted as a study.

Touch continue to add personal notes regarding the visit.

After touching continue, add any pesonal notes about the visit, then touch "Save".

When a service report is emailed, a prompt will appear asking how many studies were conducted.

It will set the default selection to how many studies were counted by the program. This can easily be changed by sliding the wheel.

Automatically counted studies are shown in the total for the current month (circled in red).

The format is: RV Count / Study Count

Studies for previous months are labeled the same way.

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