Field Service Assistant

Backup and Restore

iTunes can backup and restore the appliction data for a connected device.


Field Service Assistant stores the time report. It also caches GPS coordinates to display contacts on the map. It does NOT store the contacts. The Contacts application stores contacts. A backup will do a backup of data for both applications and their data.
To begin, connect your iPhone/iPod, and launch iTunes.
To backup, right-click on the device and select "Back Up"

Backuping up individual files

You can also back up the individual files that Field Service Assistant manages.

Connect your device to your computer, and launch iTunes.
Click on the device (circle #1)
Click on the Apps tab at the top of the iTunes window (circle #2)
Scroll down to the bottom of the apps window, click on Field Service (circle #3)
Select the files that field service manages (circle #4)
Click the "Save to..." button (circle #5) to store the files on the disk.

*** Important *** Some have thought this is a *complete* backup of the data in the field service applicaiton.  It isn't!  This is only a backup of your time entries.  Your contacts are not stored here, they are stored in the contacts app.  This does not give access to application data settings.

If you want to migrate your device to a new device, this is not how to do that.  You need to do a backup of the old device and then restore that backup onto the new device.


To restore data from a backup, connect the device to your computer and run iTunes.
Next, right-click on the device and select "Restore from Backup..."

You can put back stored files back into field service from your computer by repeating the same process for backing up the individual files and click the "Add..." button instead of the "Save to..." button (circle #5).

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