Field Service Assistant

Managing Multiple Users

FieldService for iPhone supports an unlimited number of users.

Launch settings

Select FieldService settings

Enable multiple users.

Once multiple users are enabled, each view will display which user is active. Instead of "Service Activity", the "Record Time" view now displays, "[user]'s Service Activity".

The first user is the primary user. The primary user cannot be deleted because it is needed if Multiple Users is disabled.
Changing the name of the user will change the name of the address book group. The default name for the primary user is the device name of the iPhone/iPod. This should differentiate the address book group name from any other devices being synced to the same computer via iTunes that are running FieldService.
Changing the device name in iTunes will change the primary username and the return visit group name if the user has not been set in this view.

If a user is deleted, the user's calls can be moved to another user. If the calls are not moved, those calls are not deleted and can be accessible via the computer or the "Contacts" application on the iPhone under the "Return Visits [username]" group.

Individual calls can be moved to other users by pressing the "Move Contact" button.

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