Field Service Assistant

Starting a new Return Visit

There is an easy way to do things, and a hard way. Both are possible with FieldService. A note can be edited by hand, or automated tools can be used.

Select the "Return Visits" view, and then touch the plus sign to add a new call.

A note can be added by hand using Apple's interface.

It is easier to touch the "Note" button. Doing this will automatically set the visit date field that calls are sorted by in the "Return Visits" view.

Choose the offer(s) from the list maintained in the "Offers" view. Choose the visit type, and touch continue to add personalized notes.

Offers selected here will automatically be counted and entered in the "Record Time" View.

If a study is selected, it will automatically be counted as a study.

The date, visit type, and day of week, along with the offers chosen will be added to the note.

Type any additional notes about the visit, then touch "Save" to return to the "New Contact" view.

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