Field Service Assistant

Managing time

Select the "Record Time" view. If placements have been recorded in calls, they be automatically counted and entered. Touch any field to override a counted value.

The record activity button cannot be pressed until time has been entered in the hours field, or quick build hours have been entered into a custom field.

Time can be entered for the current service year only. Previous months can be entered.

Time can be entered with a decimal or a colon. Example: 2.5, or 2:30.

When recording time for the first time in a new month, the old month will be closed out. Make sure that a report has been emailed for the previous month first. Emailed reports serve as a backup log for a daily resolution of time worked.

Press OK to close out the old month.

To Edit time, select the "Report" view, and press time entry to edit.

Change any entries required here. The entry can also be deleted here.

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