Field Service Assistant

Mapping Calls

The first time using this feature, the program will look up latitude and longitude coordinates for that address via Google Maps. You will be able to select an address if the address is valid and has been referenced by Google.

To map calls, select the "Return Visits" tab, and then touch the "Map" button in the upper left hand corner.

Select the calls you want to view on the map. The first address in this example was not valid, and it cannot be selected. After selecting the calls to be viewed, touch the "Map Calls" button on the lower left hand corner.

This example shows a nice way to view calls. Sort the calls by date, and pick the oldest calls. Then touch the "Map Calls" button in the lower left hand corner to view them on the map.

The calls appear on the map. Red ones are return visits. Purple calls are studies. The blue throbbing dot is the phone's current location. You can see the call closest to your location. You can see calls clumped together in territories. Press on a pin to view the details of the call.

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